Utility Bill Audit for Manufacturing Businesses

Industrial factory that could benefit from Utility Bill Audit for Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing commits trillions to the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) each year, employs millions of workers, and also helps meet various national challenges. But at an average of 95.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per square foot per year, manufacturing facilities also use a lot of energy to make the goods and products that make the nation tick. One way to reduce this energy output and save on overhead costs is to have a utility bill audit done. In this post, we’ll discuss how it works, the value of such a service, and how Green Line Rates can help you get started.

How It Works

A utility bill audit for manufacturing businesses consists of a professional auditor carefully assessing your facility’s past and present utility bills to look for irregularities, analyze usage, and identify cost savings opportunities. The typical steps of a utility bill audit consist of:

  1. An initial kick-off meeting
  2. Sharing of past and present utility bills
  3. A careful review and analysis of your facility’s utility usage
  4. A summary of the auditor’s findings and money-saving opportunities
  5. The delivery of cost savings based on the auditor’s recommendations

The results of this process can be as simple as identifying a billing irregularity and recouping any overages that you paid in the past. In other cases, we can advise on how to optimize energy usage at different parts of the day. Our utility bill audit services are often done in conjunction with energy consulting services, which we’ll get to in the next section.

Manufacturing Energy Consulting

Utility audits are often done in conjunction with energy consulting. Our consulting services are designed to provide more of an ongoing plan for your energy usage as a means of saving money on utility costs and reducing your facility’s overall carbon footprint. Our energy consulting service can also help you reach any sustainability goals that you’ve set for your facility or help you stay aligned with any looming regulatory requirements that could be coming in the future.

Get Your Utilities Audited Today!

We only get paid if you save – it’s really that simple when it comes to our bill auditing and consulting services. Noting this, you really don’t have anything to lose in working with us. The good news is that in most situations, we’re able to provide most clients with anywhere from 20 to 30 percent cost savings based on our services. But rest assured that you won’t pay us until you start saving money.

For more information about our utility bill audit and energy consulting services for manufacturing businesses, contact Green Line Rates today.

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