About Our Utility bill Audit services


Reduce your monthly commercial power bills with a utility audit from Green Line Rates!

Unlike other auditing processes, we help your business save money on utilities without any expensive changes to your operations. Our service monitors utility rate changes, finds and corrects compliance/billing errors, and gets you the best Georgia Power rates to help you avoid overspending.

Better yet, our service is risk-free, meaning if we don’t find you savings, you don’t pay us anything. That’s a 100% money-back guarantee.

Start saving on your monthly energy bills today. Contact our team or learn more about our process to get started.


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  • Kick-Off

    Help us get to know your business! When you sign on with Green Line Rates, we’ll start with a free consultation via phone, e-mail, teleconference, or a face-to-face meeting.

    During this kick-off meeting, we’ll ask you to share information about your current utility usage and operation schedule. This information will help our team figure out the “how”, “when”, and “why” of your power usage so we can provide personalized recommendations, not just another cookie-cutter plan.

    We have experience working with restaurants & bars, manufacturers, medical offices, municipalities, funeral homes, churches, dry cleaners, collision centers, and more!

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  • Accessing Previous Utility Bills

    Next, we work with you to gain access to your previous utility bills. This means we’ll need a copy of your Georgia Power bill. We make the process easy, allowing you to submit your bills online via upload, e-mail, fax, or an on-site scan. Once we get access, our experienced energy auditors will begin reviewing your utility rate history with a fine-tooth comb.

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  • Utility Rate Analysis & Review

    During this stage, we search your current energy bills and contracts for:

    • Compliance errors
    • Potential opportunities for negotiation of better rates and contracts
    • Beneficial alternative rate options
    • And other chances for optimization

    In most cases, you’re not receiving the lowest possible rates for your business. Through this analysis, we’ll be able to advise you on the best tactics to leverage for savings.

Electricity bill audity

Work with Vendors

Check for contract compliance, billing errors

Identify service optimization services

Negotiate better rates & contract terms

File paperwork

Implement Savings

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  • Utility Savings Detailed

    Once we complete our review, we present you with a summary of projected savings for your approval. When you’re ready to move forward, sign our Customer Contract Agreement and leave the rest to us! We will begin implementing our strategies with your utility providers, acting on your behalf to negotiate lower electricity rates for your business.

    Sit back and watch the savings add up; monthly monitoring and quarterly progress reports delivered by our team outline exactly how much you are saving!

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  • Savings Delivered!

    Our negotiation tactics and savings analysis allows us to discover quick and easy saving opportunities for your business, giving you access to lower overhead expenses, continued compliance with your utility bills, and an overall more profitable business.

    We stand by our work. If you sign up for our services and we don’t deliver savings, our 100% money-back guarantee ensures we’ll fully reimburse you for the cost of our efforts.

    Want to find out what savings your business is missing out on? Give us a call today!