Utility Bill Audit for Dry Cleaners

dry cleaned garments on a revolving rack, in a dry cleaning store that received a energy use audit


Every business will have overhead expenses, and energy costs tend to represent a significant portion of this. This is even more so in the dry cleaning industry, where it’s estimated that energy costs in such facilities can account for up to 30 percent of a cleaner’s total operating costs. Any opportunity to save on energy costs is only going to help any facility’s bottom line — and dry cleaners are businesses that can particularly benefit.

How it Works


Our utility bill audit service is a five-step process that begins with an initial consultation and concludes with savings delivered to your dry cleaning business. Here’s an overview of the utility bill audit process:


  1. Initial consultation: To kick things off, we’ll get to know your dry cleaning business and learn a little bit more about your savings goals. This is also a great time for you to get to know a little bit about us. The information we glean from this initial meeting will help guide our efforts throughout the rest of the process.
  2. Access utility bills: Next, we’ll work with you to get access to your current and previous utility bills so we can take a deep dive into understanding how you use your energy and what rates you’re being charged for it.
  3. Analysis and review: This third step is the aforementioned deep dive into your utility bills and contracts to identify how we can save your dry cleaning business money. We’ll look for compliance errors, opportunities to negotiate for better rates, assess alternative and renewable energy options, and more.
  4. Present findings: After our analysis and review, we’ll present you with your projected savings and work with you to help determine how to implement such strategies for maximum savings.
  5. Deliver savings: We conclude our utility bill audit process by delivering savings right back to you so you can reduce overhead and become more profitable.

Services Offered

In addition to our utility bill audit services, we also offer energy consulting to dry cleaning businesses that are looking to partner long-term to meet any sustainability or energy savings goals. Here’s a brief overview of our utility audit and energy consulting services:

Dry Cleaning Utility Audit

Contact us today to learn more about our utility audit services and the five-step process for savings that we outlined earlier in this post. Part of this process may also involve a utility rate analysis.

Dry Cleaning Energy Consulting

Our energy consulting services perfectly complement our utility audit offering to help your dry cleaning business meet its sustainability goals over time. Our consulting services consist of helping our partners optimize their energy usage and enact various strategies to do so. Contact us today to learn more.

Contingency Basis

If we can’t identify any savings, then you’re not obligated to pay. We offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee if we’re not able to deliver, so you really have nothing to lose by working with us. The good news is that we almost always deliver — and often to the tune of 20 to 30 percent savings. Learn more about the audit cost and our guarantee by contacting us today.

Get Your Utilities Audited Today

For more information on our utility bill audit services for dry cleaners, contact us today.


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