Why You Should Audit Your Brewery Utility Bill

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Whether you are thinking of opening a brewery or experiencing growth with an established brewery, you should be aware of the overhead costs preventing you from growth. The brewing business is highly competitive, so findings ways to cut costs will keep you floating above the rest. Even if your product is selling, your brewery will end up consuming more water, gas, and electricity. Instead of viewing utility bills as an inevitable part of owning a business, focus on how you can improve it to give you an edge over your competition. Increased sales, fortunately, don’t need to translate to increased energy costs. Find ways to control your energy output by getting a utility bill audit from a reliable energy consulting company!

When you think of a brewery’s energy usage, the first thing that comes to mind is likely water, and lots of it. Beyond water, appliances such as boilers, air compressors, and coolers will eat away at your energy consumption and thus, your profit margins. Energy costs account for as much as ten percent of a brewery’s expenses, so it is difficult to ignore. With utility costs being such a large bucket for operation costs, it only makes sense to tackle it if you want to see real savings. Ready to unlock next-level efficiency with a brewery utility audit? Read on to find out more about utility audits and why getting one will be an important first step toward finding utility bill savings.

Brewery Utility Audit

A utility audit is a thorough inspection of a space and its assets to identify areas where energy improvements can be made. Utility audits highlight cost-saving opportunities by finding the most excessive energy costs in your building and bring them down. This is usually the best place to start on your journey of increasing your energy efficiency.

Maybe you want to get ahead of seasonal utility bill increase before the summer months, or perhaps you believe some of your appliances expend more energy than necessary. Either way the audit is not only a good way to proactively prepare for a seasonal spike, but also for year-round savings. Whatever your reasons for wanting an audit, you are certain to find some chances to lower your utility bills by participating in an energy audit.  Consult an energy company to determine if an audit can be useful for reducing your utility bills based on your goals.

With a utility audit, your energy company will monitor market price changes, which fluctuate based on typical supply and demand. Your auditor will look out for rebates, savings, and quality energy suppliers. Additionally, they will negotiate the best pricing options for you and will work with you to achieve savings based on your savings or usage goals. The results will be delivered with a comprehensive report that explains all cost components. Want to learn more? Read more about all the steps of a utility audit here.

Benefits of Performing an Audit

As if you needed any more reasons to explore why you should get a utility audit for your brewery, here are some additional benefits you can consider:

  • Cost Savings. Obviously, saving money will be the top priority for most. Audits can shave off costs for your electricity, water, gas, and/or waste bills. When other costs simply cannot be removed, finding ways to cut large expenses like utilities means more profit for your business!
  • Going Green. While most may focus on the savings, many others consider the environmental impact they can make. Promote your efforts to reduce your energy usage on your website and social media to earn a customer base who appreciate your work toward limiting energy consumption.
  • Healthy Employees. A possible perk of an energy audit may highlight ways to improve air quality which can reduce the chance of staff illness.
  • Make Investors Happy. A smart business plan should include a utility audit! You can show investors how you plan on cutting down energy costs, reducing funding needed for an unavoidable factor of running a brewery.
  • Don’t Pay Until You Save! When you work with Green Line Rates, you won’t pay anything unless we find saving opportunities for you.

Work with Green Line Rates to Reduce Your Brewery Energy Expenditures

Green Line Rates understands the industry well. We want to save you money without having to spend money first. Let us perform your energy audit today and we will negotiate on your behalf and monitor energy-saving costs to ensure your business always has the best pricing option.

At Green Line Rates, we are ready to be your partner in reducing your commercial utility costs. Working on a contingency basis, we don’t require any upfront payment to save your company money. Instead, if we find utility cost reduction opportunities that will cut your annual expenses, we simply earn a percentage of those savings. If there aren’t any opportunities found, you don’t pay a thing.

If you’d like to get started on your risk-free energy audit, please contact our team today and get started on the next steps within 10 minutes.