Restaurant Energy Usage

Restaurants are always using energy. Whether it is providing lighting to your customers, phone service, cooking the cuisine, or playing music in the background, energy is an important aspect of the restaurant industry.  In fact, a restaurant will use five to seven times more energy per square foot than any other commercial location.

One of the best ways a restaurant can save money is by lowering its energy costs. Green Line Rates is very familiar with restaurant energy usage and their gas and electric rates. Let us help you decrease your restaurant’s energy costs by negotiating better utility bill rates so that your profit margin can increase. Find out how our commercial utility audit process works.

restaurant utility bills

Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants

On top of our utility audit process, we also provide consulting for improving your restaurant’s energy usage. The restaurant industry possesses unique characteristics which result in energy loss that other commercial industries do not face. When evaluating what could be the source of high energy consumption in your restaurant, consider the following factors:

Kitchen Equipment

Restaurant equipment that is not energy efficient can be a large source of energy waste.  A non-energy efficient stove, oven, or other kitchen necessity can result in a restaurant wasting 80% of the energy consumed.

Kitchen Layout

Keeping cooling and heating equipment close to each other can also cause an increase in energy consumption. As the two machines work to over-compensate for their opposite’s proximity, more energy is utilized than would otherwise be necessary.

Ice Machines

Ice machines can increase the costs of your water and energy bill. However, when it comes to ice machine, the bigger the better. A larger ice machine results in a higher capacity to produce ice, at the same energy cost per pound of ice as a smaller ice machine.


Walk-in refrigerators can be the source of high energy consumption as employees naturally enter into and exit from them. As the doors are left open throughout the course of operation, more cold air is released. Therefore, more energy is utilized to maintain the refrigerator’s cool temperature.


Lighting is an integral part to a restaurant’s operation. As such, the constant use of energy to maintain the lighting results in a high electricity bill.


Different foods require different preparations, and thus different electricity costs. Food that is cooked in broilers, for instance, waste less energy than that cooked in broilers or rotisseries.

Green Line Rates Can Help You Lower Your Restaurant’s Utility Bills

Green Line Rates wants to help you reduce your restaurant’s monthly energy bill. Let us perform your energy audit today and we will negotiate on your behalf. We will also monitor energy saving costs to ensure your business always has the best pricing option.

Our service monitors utility rate changes, finds and corrects compliance/billing errors. We will get you the best Georgia Power rates to help you avoid overspending.  The best part is we won’t charge you until you start experiencing savings! It is a win-win situation, we will do the work, you save money, and it is a guaranteed risk-free experience.

If you want to find out what savings your business is eligible for, contact Green Line Rates today here or call us at 678-726-7020.