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With ovens constantly operating to make baked goods and the HVAC system often running to offset such heat, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that bakeries tend to use more energy than your typical restaurant or business. And with gas and utility prices on the rise and only expected to continue to increase into the future, energy conservation has become a hot topic for bakeries looking to keep their overhead costs – and carbon footprint – in check.

One way to get a well-rounded understanding of your bakery’s energy usage and enact improvements is to schedule an energy audit. In this post, we’ll discuss the value of working with energy audit consultants for bakeries and how Green Line Rates can help. Read on to learn more:

How It Works

Let’s start by discussing just how an energy audit works. Simply put, an energy audit is the process of determining a building’s energy efficiency (or lack thereof). It’s also a process that helps identify improvements so that businesses can improve their energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. Audits are conducted by a professional and experienced auditor and consist of initial evaluations, utility bill audits, and recommendations on how a business can improve its efficiency and reduce costs.

Services Offered

At Green Line Rates, our services consist of the following:

Bakery Utility Audit

Often done in association with an energy audit, a utility bill audit consists of carefully reviewing past bills. Doing so helps determine that a bakery has been properly billed the right amounts at the right times and can also help identify any other irregularities. An audit can also identify when peak rates are being charged and consult with bakeries on how to shift operations so appliances are working primarily during non-peak hours.

Bakery Energy Consulting

An additional service offered at Green Line Rates is energy consulting. Think of this as a long-term partnership in which the energy consumption of a bakery is monitored over time and recommendations are made once a large sample size of energy usage is gathered and understood. On the very basic level, energy consultants work to help bakery owners evaluate, understand, and implement solutions to conserve energy and curb utility costs.

Contingency Basis

At Green Line Rates, we don’t get paid until we’re able to save you money on utility costs. The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose by working with us. If we can’t find solutions to curb utility usage and costs, then we don’t get anything.

On this note, our work is rarely for not. We’re almost always able to find ways to help bakeries conserve energy and save money. In most cases, we can help bakeries save up to 25 percent on energy bills. Keep in mind that there’s typically not one magic solution that makes the difference, but a lot of small, incremental improvements that all add up in the long run.

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