Municipalities Energy Audit and Consulting

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Whether it’s to meet short or long-term sustainability goals or to simply save money on overhead costs, energy auditing and consulting services for municipalities make sense. Green Line Rates is here to help. As expert professionals in energy audits and energy consulting, we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to deliver maximum savings. 

How it Works


Green Line Rates’ municipalities energy audit and consulting service is a five-step process that begins with an initial kick-off and ends with savings to your bottom line. Here’s a brief overview of the process:


  1. Kick-off: We’ll start with an initial kick-off designed to help us get acquainted with your municipality, its current energy usage and operations schedule, and what savings goals you have.
  2. Access old utility bills: The next step is gaining access to old utility bills, so a thorough assessment can be completed.
  3. Analyze and review: Once we have access to past and present utility bills, we can take a deep dive into them to search for ways to help your municipality save. During our analysis and review, we’ll look for compliance errors, opportunities to negotiate with energy companies, assess alternative or renewable options, and more.
  4. Present the savings: Following our analysis and review, we’ll present the opportunities for savings that we uncovered.
  5. Savings: The final step is implementing the opportunities we present and saving money.

Service Offered

Energy audits for municipalities aren’t the only service we offer at Green Line Rates. We also offer energy consulting services that involve forming long-term partnerships with our clients to meet energy savings goals. Here’s a brief overview of the services that we offer:

Municipality Energy Audit

We covered the energy audit process above, but our energy audit services primarily consist of carefully analyzing existing energy bills to identify ways to save money on costs. In addition to audits, we can also perform a utility rate analysis.

Municipality Energy Consulting

Green Line Rates’ energy consulting services consist of forming more of a partnership with our clients to explore other ways to help them save money — both in the short term and over the long term. Energy consulting largely consists of understanding how our clients use their energy and identifying ways to conserve it and save money.

Contingency Basis

One of the best things about working with Green Line Rates for energy audit and consulting services is that you really don’t have anything to lose. We work on a contingency basis, so if we can’t identify savings, you won’t be getting an invoice. The good news is that we almost always identify opportunities to save, sometimes to the tune of 20 or even up to 30 percent. Contact us today for more information.

Get Your Municipality Audited Today

For more information on our energy audit and consulting services for municipalities, contact Green Line Rates today. Our business is saving your business money on your utility costs. Contact us today to learn more and get started with an initial consultation.


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