Utility Bill Audit for Medical Centers and Clinics

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From fueling high-powered lighting to specialized equipment to air exchange and filtration, medical clinics and doctors’ offices use a lot of energy to ensure they’re able to serve patients in their local communities on a day-in, day-out basis.

One way to reduce electricity costs is to conduct a utility bill audit for urgent care facilities and medical centers, and Green Line Rates is here to help. Read on to learn more about how a utility bill audit works, how it can save a facility money, and other value-added services that Green Line Rates offers to its partners.


How it Works

Let’s start by discussing just how a utility bill audit for medical centers works. When you work with a trusted partner like Green Line Rates on a utility bill audit, you can rest assured that you’re working with a qualified firm that knows the ins and outs of how to save your facility money. Here’s a look at how the process typically unfolds:


Step 1: Kick-Off

Before we get to the audit stage, we always like to have a formal kick-off to get to know our partners and their goals. During this initial meeting, we’ll discuss the process and learn a little bit more about your medical center’s operations and current utility usage. From there, we’ll get into crunching the numbers and developing recommendations to help you save money on your energy bills.


Step 2: Collect Past and Present Utility Bills

In order for us to reduce your utility bills, we’ll need to see them. The second step largely consists of working with our partners to gather their past and present utility bills. Once we have the bills we need to conduct the audit, we can really dig in and assess them.


Step 3: Review and Assess Usage

A careful review and assessment is the next step in the process to help our partners get the best possible rate. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Maybe there’s an error in billing that can be corrected. Or surges at certain periods of the day can lead to errors or some sort of change in the way your facility is billed. Maybe there are other rate options that make more sense for your facility. The bottom line is that we’ll find any discrepancies or opportunities to help you save money. There may also be opportunities for us to work with the utility companies and negotiate a better overall deal.


Step 4: Review Projected Savings

The penultimate step is scheduling a follow-up meeting to review what we found and discuss opportunities for you to save. We’ll summarize the actions you can take, project the savings you can expect once the actions are taken, and then ask you to agree to a Customer Contract Agreement so that we can get started saving your facility money.


Step 5: Deliver Savings

Lastly, we’ll implement the program and deliver savings, helping your facility reduce its overhead and run an overall more efficient operation.


Services Offered

At Green Line Rates, a utility bill audit for medical facilities is only one of our core offerings. We also provide energy consulting services for the healthcare industry to continue to identify ways for your facility to save on its usage over the long term.


Medical Offices Utility Audit

We just outlined the steps of a utility bill audit designed to save you money on utility usage and improve your overhead. Utility bill audits are also often conducted together with energy audits. While utility bill audits crunch the bills and identify ways to save, energy audits identify any inefficiencies in the way your building conserves energy. For example, an energy audit will assess things like your HVAC system, insulation, sealing, appliances, and more to recommend improvements that can help further conserve utility costs. Contact us today to learn more about our utility and energy audits for medical centers.


Medical Offices Energy Consulting

A utility bill audit is more of a short-term solution for medical centers. At Green Line Rates, we also partner with clients on more of a long-term basis to serve as an energy consultant. When you work with us in this manner, you can rest assured that we’ll develop an ongoing plan for your energy usage, not just in the present, but to guide you into the future as well.

Whether it’s saving money and improving overhead or meeting sustainability goals and reducing carbon footprint, we’ll work with you on meeting your goals and setting your facility up for the future. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare facility energy consulting services.


Contingency Basis

When you work with Green Line Rates, you can rest assured that our services are risk-free. That is, if we can’t identify savings, then you won’t owe us anything. You really have nothing to lose by working with us. The good news is that we almost always are able to uncover savings opportunities – sometimes by as much as 30 percent. And being that our fee is based on a percentage of the savings that we identify, you can rest assured that you’ll only be paying for results.


Get Your Utilities Audited Today

For more information on the utility bill audit process for medical centers and to start saving money on your bills, contact us at Green Line Rates today. Our experienced professionals are standing by and ready to save you money, and our risk-free approach makes exploring such opportunities all the more practical. Contact us today to join our growing list of clients and get started.


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