Barrow County School System referral for Greenline Rates

Over the last six months we have been approached byTim Moore with Green Line Rates. Tim and his associates have come in and examined our energy rates on a school by school basis to see where savings can be achieved within the various power company rate structures. I must admit we were somewhat skeptical a the outset because we have traditionally relied exclusively on the power company representatives and our own personnel for these services. However, we allowed Green Line Rates to start by looking at the rates of one building and soon thereafter they were able to confirm the that thousands of dollars in savings on our power bill could be achieved by securing a different rates from the power company. We have since confirmed the same scenario at another of our buildings. I would strongly recommend that you have your power bills analyzed by an independent group.


If I can be any assistance in answering questions about our experience with Green Line Rates please feel free to call me.


Joe Perno, Assistant Superintendent

Systems Operations