Father and son team, Tim and Alex Moore

Father and son team, Tim and Alex Moore, established Green Line Rates in 2017. Raised in Athens, Georgia, Alex attended The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business where he earned his Finance degree. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for data, he set out to create the algorithm in order to start Green Line Rates with his father.

Tim is a seasoned salesman with experience in the LED lighting business. During his sales days, Tim discovered commercial rates offered to business owners that could significantly lower monthly bills while the business maintained all operations. With this information, Tim set out to turn energy rate conversions into a business with Alex.

With their combined experience and passion for business, Tim and Alex have
introduced a service for all business owners to consider. Before taking measures to reduce utility bills through purchasing LED lighting or a new HVAC system, allow Green Line Rates to review current bills and rates to see where we can help you save.


Green Line Rates delivers savings on your bottom line